Review Of The Best Trending Prohormones On The Market

If you are looking for a compound that will boost your weight loss, enhance your endurance, strength, and development of muscle mass, you should buying prohormones. Unlike other bulking and cutting agents, prohormone reviews point that legal prohormones are relatively safe with little or no side effects when proper on-cycle and post cycle therapy is included in the program. The benefits of the strongest prohormone supplements range from increased strength and endurance levels to a boost in lean muscle mass and endurance, improved athletic performance and accelerated physical recovery. However, it is imperative to note that the actual benefits vary depending on the individual cycled pro hormone. Some of the pro hormones that you should consider for your bodybuilding goals include:

1-Andro: Also referred to as 1-Androsterone or 1 DHEA, the 1-Andro is one of the strongest prohormones on the market in helping athletes gain massive strength and shed fat with roids. The prohormone converts to testosterone and thus, it does not trigger androgenic effects. The benefits of 1-Andro pro hormone include reducing body fat, enhancing lean muscle mass, improving strength, and quick recovery without bloating. Although 1-Andro does not trigger serious negative effects, it can cause temporary effects such as anxiety, headaches, increased blood pressure and mild hair loss.

4-Andro: 4-Andro also referred to as 4-Androsterone is one of the strongest prohormone supplements in the development of lean muscle mass with users reporting gains of up to 12 pounds with 4 to 6 weeks. In addition to the bulking gains, 4-Andro also results in faster recovery, improved cutting, enhanced libido and better power and strength. Cycling with 4-Andro will cause minimal or no side effects. The likely side effects of 4-Andro include muscle cramps, aggression, high blood pressure and minor estrogen conversion.

Max LMG: Max LMG is one of the few pro hormones on the market that have stood the test of time despite the changing market needs. It is considered one of the best wet bulking agents due to its ability to help athletes gain massive strength and size. Users who buy prohormones online have reported that cycling Max LMG results in gains of about 8 pounds in a cycle. Max LMG can also be stacked with methylated-based prohormones to enhance results. Athletes should avoid stacking Max LMG with progestin prohormones to minimize the likeliness of side effects especially water retention.


Before you can buy prohormones online, you should make sure that you clearly understand both the positive and negative effects of the individual prohormones to make the best decision. For example, while the wet prohormones usually result in quicker gains, the results are not long lasting.